Fix Facebook
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How to Fix Facebook Not Working on Your Computer

If you’re having trouble accessing Facebook on your phone, you may have encountered the dreaded error message…

How to Change Your Name on Facebook
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How to Change Your Name on Facebook

If you’d like to change your name on Facebook, you’ll need to know how to do so….

Delete Facebook Account
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How to Delete Facebook Account – Deactivate Your Facebook Account Instead of Deleting It

If you’re wondering how to delete Facebook account, there are a couple of alternatives. You can deactivate…

Create Social Media Icons
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How to Create Social Media Icons For Your Newsletters

There are several ways to add social media icons to your newsletters. These include using the settings…

Trump's Social Media
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Trump’s Social Media Platform

The new social media platform from Donald Trump has not been launched in India yet, nor has…

Social Media Apps
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Social Media Apps – Is Snapchat For You?

The world has many social media apps. Instagram is the most popular, with over two hundred million…

social media marketing trends
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How to Use Social Media to Connect With Your Audience

There are many differences between social media and traditional media, and the definition of each is often…

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Social Media Marketing: What you need to know to Do it, the types, tools and tips

The world is changing. There’s more to marketing via social media than just posting in Facebook and…

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What exactly is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing involves using social platforms for connecting with your followers to strengthen your brand, boost…