How to Make Use of Social Media in Your Career

Are you thinking you should be using social media, but aren’t sure where to begin? What type of post should you make what frequency should you do it? What’s more potent an like, or a tweet? This is what you must be aware of the most popular social media platforms used in professional use whether you’re trying to grow your network and build a company or even find a new job.

Why should you use Social Media?

It was once used for entertainment But not anymore.

Social media has become an essential component of how people from every aspect of their lives      communicate and are a crucial element in how work is accomplished — from companies to the government. In a sign of how crucial social media is and how important it is, it is reported that the Department of Homeland Security is gathering social media profiles of prospective immigrants to aid in their evaluation process.

Social media lets you perform at least four essential things:

          • Find new ideas and trends.
          • Meet new and old viewers in deeper ways
          • Make sure that you are paying attention and directing traffic to your work.
          • Create, craft and improve your brand.

With social media becoming more and more popular and approximately 81% of Americans have an account on social media -There are many instances of individuals who have been slapped with a reprimand due to their social media habits. It’s impossible to differentiate your personal use of social media from that of the professional one, and everything you post online could be made public. There are ways you can protect your privacy and limit who is able to view certain content, but the burden lies with you to remain aware. Therefore, the more serious you take your social media activity the more effective.

Social media is constantly changing frequently, so it is important to stay up to date with the changes happening on the platforms, and to continue seeking ways to improve your usage of tools. (Twitter and Snapchat as an example have recent announced significant updates, which will be discussed in the following section.)

If you’re not employed by yourself, make sure you are aware of your company’s policies on using social networksincreasing numbers of companies are implementing or updating their policies.


This professional, serious social network is not something to be overlooked by either businesses or individuals.

LinkedIn boasting 500 million users is the ultimate professional network. However, it’s not utilized as efficiently that it can be. When I instruct workshops on using social media I’ll often question “Who’s using LinkedIn?” and almost every hand goes up. Then I ask “Who knows what they’re posting on LinkedIn?” and most of them fall.

The majority of people ignore it and begin to use it in a panic when they are forced to change jobs. It’s usually too late at this moment. It is better to learn to use LinkedIn when you don’t require it. LinkedIn is best used when it is used as a tool for managing your career and not only to search for jobs.

Growing Your Network and influencing

LinkedIn provides many ways to grow your reach by searching for and connecting with professionals within your field. The trick is to locate ways to connect, contact and engage with people whom you’ve already met, those you’d like to meet and people you ought to know. It is also important to share your own content and show your knowledge frequently.

Learn how to use the feature of recommendation to provide and receive suggestions for those whom you have collaborated with in the past. It is best to give recommendations only to those whom you’re willing to stand behind. I’ve heard of companies that consider recommendations made on LinkedIn just as seriously as those made in more traditional ways. If anything in your life makes you uncomfortable it’s best to find an approach that is gentle enough to decline an offer for a recommendation.

Growing and Developing a Business

According to your company, LinkedIn offers a variety of options for companies , from recruiting to creating sales leads. Similar to other platforms, you need to determine whether LinkedIn advertising options are appropriate for your business.

On LinkedIn you can make an account for your company and create an online community, attracting prospective customers as well as customers to join your. For more information on LinkedIn specifically for businesses read the official LinkedIn guide.

Job Search

Find jobs is the primary aspect of LinkedIn for people You can also make use of the platform to keep track of particular people, companies and jobs that are open. Learn about all you can about the search options that allow you to dig into the networks of individuals or companies, as well as job openings.

If you’re seeking the perfect job it’s all about numbers and you should take the time to establish your network. However, use it in a shrewd method: Sending invitations to strangers with the intention of connecting them or the people they’re already connected to isn’t an effective approach. Instead, search for genuine connections with people like your school for instance — and send an invitation to connect , which is personalized.

Remember to Keep It in Mind

LinkedIn’s free account functions well however, you might prefer to try Premium version. It’s available at a variety of pricing options starting at $29.99 per month. This is a significant amount however if you’re looking for a job, it’s worth it to pay for options that allow you to send emails to those you haven’t met yet through the website and to connect in innovative ways to hiring managers.


The number of Twitter users could have changed, however Twitter is still focused on instant connections and sharing your thoughts.

Twitter has more than 328 million users, recently changed its most renowned and well-known feature which is its 140 character limit. By increasing the limit to 280 characters, it gives you an opportunity to communicate your ideas and thoughts. Keep in mind that conciseness, in conjunction with clever use of photos as well as videos will make you stand out. you don’t have to include every 280 characters on your blog post.

Twitter is more interactive than other platforms. However, make sure you understand the difference between replies, retweets, and DMs (direct messages). Retweets (RTs) are a way for users to share, and, if you wish, comment on other’s posts. Selecting “quote tweet” means that you make comments to someone’s posts by clicking “retweet” signifies that the tweet is shared with your followers, without any comments from you. Quote tweets as often as you can to let people can understand why you’re posting some information.

Replies can be used publicly to reply to posts made by other users and continue an ongoing conversation that is visible to others Direct messages allow users to make contact to someone privately. To be in a position to DM an individual, they must to be following you, or they’ve chosen the option to allow anybody to DM them. Group DMs can be a useful method of having more focused conversations with an entire group. Twitter lets you have an account that is private (“protected” within their lingo) However, in the event that you’re using Twitter to conduct business, having an account that is open makes more sense.

Extend Your Network and influencing

Twitter’s instantaneousness Twitter lets you to:

          • Stay informed of the latest the latest developments in your area of your interest.
          • Comment, share and be an active participant in a worldwide discussion that goes beyond the people whom you have a relationship with.

Live video on Twitter allows you to share videos and interact with people who post videos that are important to you. Twitter Polls, which let you give users the option of up to four responses to select from and view the results in real time is a different method to interact with and grow your network. Businesses often run polls on specific products in order to gauge reaction from prospective customers and customers.

Expanding and Building an Enterprise

Intelligent, relevant, and timely content can improve your brand’s visibility particularly when you utilize hashtags professionally. Participating in hashtags that are popular in the event that they relate to your company is beneficial. It is also a good idea to use hashtags that relate to your services or products. It is important to keep hashtags clear, simple and distinctive, to ensure that your hashtags won’t be repurposed by another brand using similar content.

The ad platform on Twitter allows you to target specific groups and connect with them so that they know about your business and are able to become followers and connect with your company. Look over the official guidelines to learn how you can make it a an integral part of your online marketing initiatives.

Job Search

Everybody is obsessed with gaining more followers, but when it comes down to career-related reasons, the people you follow is much more important. Make lists of influential individuals based on subject and industry (these lists could be either private or public) and you’ll be able see the topics they’re looking for, what they’re thinking about, and also get suggestions for how to reach out and connect with them. If someone from your field is seeking information or assistance, you’re able to take part in a way that shows how relevant and helpful you are. There are many occasions of Twitter conversations turning into face-toface gatherings.

Be aware

Doing your best to follow good grammar, spelling , and punctuation rules can help you make an impressive impression. It is also helpful to have a clear bio that clearly explains your personality, along with a fresh, well-known headshot.


With the highest number of Facebook users Facebook has become a global phenomenon that is loved by both businesses and even your friends.

Facebook is home to more than two billion users around the world is among the most influential and powerful of all social networks. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends, family and even friends of friends. It’s primarily a social community for most users, however it can be effective for professional and business outreach too. We have seen this in recent reports about the 2016 presidential election The platform was a key factor in disseminating information and misinformation.

Facebook Live, which allows the broadcasting of live events across the globe, can be a valuable tool. Apart from business owners, journalists have used Live to show behind-the-scenes footage or to conduct employee Q&As as well as other activities.

As with other websites, Facebook has privacy controls for its content, so you decide who gets access to what. The settings cover content that can be viewed by all users online , as well as by only your closest friends, or by groups that you have created (coworkers for example or family members, or even your high school classmates). Many people aren’t paying close attention to this setting, and can be shocked by the fact that they people who see photos that aren’t intended for their eyeballs.

Growing Your Network and influencing

Facebook could be utilized for:

          • Engage with influential individuals in your area of expertise.
          • Post articles, and other things that showcase your passions.
          • Shape what other people are thinking of you.

However posting something doesn’t guarantee that everyone will be able to see it. Facebook’s algorithm decides which content is shown to certain users and is based on your settings as well as a range of variables. This could include what relevance the post has to the people who are viewing it as well as predictions about whether users will share or comment on it , and comparing it to the other content accessible at a certain moment.

Expanding and Building an Enterprise

Alongside your personal profile, creating a company page allows you to connect with those who would like to learn more about the work you do. It allows you to share news as well as progress reports and suggestions with a variety of people who might not visit your site frequently.

A well-planned utilization of Facebook Live will let your viewers see what goes on behind the scenes in your company and Facebook’s powerful advertising tools lets you make targeted ads to potential clients and customers by utilizing certain parameters. Knowing the ways Facebook ads work is vital to your digital marketing strategies. Due to the difficulties to distribute your content to all, you’ll soon be under pressure to spend money to increase the reach of your content.

If you want your business to be successful on Facebook it’s all about building a community that is engaged by your content. Like in the offline world when your service, product or idea is something that people would like to get in touch with, they’ll be eager to make the same connection on Facebook. To find out more about how to use Facebook to promote your business, look at the official Facebook guide.

Job Search

Make use of Facebook to follow businesses you’re interested in, as well as to learn about opportunities and openings. Use your personal network to assist you in identifying employees or clients who are leads. Family and friends are a great resource when they are aware of the information you’re seeking.

Remember to Keep It in Mind

Facebook provides a unique feature known as Legacy Contact. It lets you choose a person to have designated to handle your account after you pass in death, but they are not allowed the ability to access your account when alive.

Anyone, regardless of career or business goals must follow the instructions online and establish an Legacy Contact today.


More than beautiful photos, Instagram is increasingly a site to conduct business.

Instagram, a platform built around photos captions, videos, and photos it has grown to over more than 800 million people and has become a integrated into the world of business. If you and your business are visual-driven, Instagram should be part of your toolkit for business. All businesses that target consumers, like beauty, travel and so on will do great on Instagram however, we also see older B2B firms such as General Electric and IBM using Instagram.

Extend Your Network and influencing

The devoted Instagram users love amazing images. You can make use of your posts to create an audience on Instagram.

The key is patience and experimentation to find the perfect method that is effective for you. For instance, you can spend some time exploring popular hashtags to determine whether your blog post is appropriate, to ensure that more people find you. The same applies to tagging related accounts using the @ symbol. There are more suggestions in this great guide by DigitalTrends.

Building and expanding a business

Features such as Instagram Stories which allows users to tell an entire story by using multiple images and videos are great ways to utilize Instagram in a professional setting. Stories are available up to 24 hours so the that the time period that you take into consideration when making your decision on how to create these. In most cases it is better to focus on making graphics and visuals that for use across various platforms. They will also be longer-lasting.

You should also look into Instagram’s advertising options , and then consider how they are integrated into an overall approach. Instagram’s goal is to make current and prospective customers excited about your business and so make sure you investigate the platform. To find out more about the business opportunities it offers read the official Instagram guide.

Job Search

Like many other platforms, job searching like many other platforms, job hunting on Instagram is all about listening to and engaging with relevant businesses and people. Instagram is a great way to Instagram to find out more about specific firms and their cultures, and also find out what is influencing decision makers in different sectors.

Remember to Keep It in Mind

The majority of the content you find on Instagram is produced using the help of professionals and you’ll be unable to duplicate their size and reach is not likely when you’re by yourself.

And, remember …

… Nothing remains the same for long.

These are only general guidelines for these five social media sites. (There are many more with more specific audience). Every person’s experience and rate in using social media throughout his or career will be different. This is more an art form than it is a science. Its algorithms and technologies (and the preferences that other people use) are always changing.

A note of caution: maintaining with the different platforms as well as coming up with a variety of posts to publish each day is exhausting. Sometimes, taking the time to look around and observe what other businesses and people are doing is an opportunity to review which types of content will be most beneficial for your business and yourself.

The best method to ensure success is to take your time before you publish and continuously review the content you post and your overall online presence. You’re unlikely to have time to devote to all of these platforms and everything that happens next, therefore, you must select and select the ones which are the most appropriate for you, your area of expertise and your timetable.

The main point is that I will always remember an advice I received in the beginning of Facebook”What’s common sense in the real world is common sense in social media.

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